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Young Hiddles at dinner.

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- Marvel
- Tom Hiddleston/Loki
- Chris Hemsworth/Thor
- Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man
- Chris Evans/Captain America
- The Vampire Diaries

- Musical films
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Johnny Depp
- Photography
- Tigers/Wolves/Lions

- Hunger Games


modern wear anyone?


: Please watch & help make the world a safer place for children.



Tom Hiddleston, One of us, One of us, One of us…

Hello, Star Trek Moscow Tom!  FWIW, the above is an excellent manip (artist unknown) that most fans think is real.  Unfortunately, it isn’t. He was just waving like regular. Below is the original. 


In the end the greatest struggle with this role was to inhabit the essence of his personality. To ensure I can channel the power of his fury every day has been challenging. He is an immensely angry man […] Every night I am professionally required to roar. (x)(x)

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I hope you enjoy Thor: The Dark World when it comes out on October 31

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I like this new angle. 
You and this tight pants.